Content Builder

Content Builder is a powerful and intuitive page editor with minimum complexity. Beautiful websites can be quickly created by simply selecting and dragging & dropping, without any code, what you see is what you get.

Upload Resource Files

There are many resource files and templates included in the Content Builder module, so you need to upload the files via FTP by manual.

You will find the ContentBuilder folder in the purchased product, please upload it to the \Portals\_default\ directory of your site with FTP software. There are many files need to be uploaded, so please wait with patience. Once the upload is done, then you can start to use the Content Builder module.

Quick Start

Login to your site with the administrator account, add the DNNGo Content Builder module to a full width pane. Click the ‘+’ symbol on the left of the control panel, or click the ‘Click to add content’ in the module. Then select a section area in the pop-up box to be added to a page. Please check the following video to know more detailed using steps.

Video Guide

Add Sections
Add Content Blocks
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Section Settings
Box Settings
Set Multiple Column Layout
Set Lightbox

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