The preparations before using the skin

Theme Initialization

When using the skin for a new site, you need to initialize the theme by following steps.

Step 1. Log in to your site as super administrator.

Step 2. Create a blank page.

Step 3. Set the theme of the page to be DNG-theme-pro, set the Layout to be index, and set the Container to be No Title.

Step 4. Click the Theme Option button on the right of the screen.

Step 5. Click the Update button once.

After finishing the steps, you can quickly create pages by importing page templates.

Change the Settings of HTML Editor

By default, HTML editor will remove the div tags whose content is blank. For example: if we add the code <div class=”pt-20″></div> in HTML editor and click save, you will find the code is missing when you edit it afterwards. So we need to change the settings to prevent this from happening.

One DNN installation can have multiple sub sites. If you just want to change the settings of HTML editor of one of the sub sites, please go to the corresponding portal directory of the sub site (for instance \Portals\0 ) and edit the Dnn.CKEditorSettings.xml file, please change fillEmptyBlocks=”true” to fillEmptyBlocks=”false”, allowedContent=”false” to allowedContent=”true” and ignoreEmptyParagraph=”true” to be ignoreEmptyParagraph=”false”, then save the file at last.

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