General Settings


Stop Slide On Hover

Stop slider progress when a user hovers his/her mouse over the slider.

Stop Slide On Hover

Amount of Loops:
Stop the slider after all slides have looped a set amount of times.

At Slide:
Stop the slider at a specific slide.

Shuffle / Random Mode

Randomize the slide order every time your web page is visited.

Loop Single Slide

Choose to loop your slider if it has only one slide

Stop Slider out of Viewport

Stop slider when the page is scrolled and the slider is no longer visible.


Set the default individual slide settings.

Progress Bar

If active, choose the progress bar’s position (top or bottom of slider), its height in pixels, and also its color and transparency level.


Browser behaviour varies when switching between windows/tabs (JavaScript stops executing, etc.). But these options will often correct slider issues related to switching between tabs and windows.

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