Problem Handlings


For compatibility with older mobile devices and legacy IE, you can choose to simplify the slider’s functionality or replace it with an alternative image.

Simplify on iOS4/IE8

Animations will be set to simple “fade” for older iOS and IE, which will will dramatically improve performance for these environments.

Use Alternative Image

Choose to use an alternative image in place of the slider for mobile devices, IE8, or both.

HTML5 Autoplay on Mobiles

Enable autoplay for HTML5 background video or HTML5 Video Layers on mobile devices.

Ignore Height Changes

Often useful for fullscreen sliders on mobile devices to help prevent image size changes when the native browser address bar appears and disappears.

Ignore Height Changes Under

The same as the option above, except here you can define a specific height where browser height changes would start to be ignored (640px, etc.)

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